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To keep up with technology changes, save on IT costs and where challenges and competition are increasing, specialized IT skills are in considerable demand. Through our carefully screened and certified professionals, extensive professional network, and experienced IT staff, we will assist you in not only competing effectively but also operating efficiently. Our highly qualified team, is available to assist you through critical times and system upgrades all the while making sure you meet your goals in a cost-effective way. If you have a long term or a short-term vacancy that is needed to be filled, you can rely on us so that you can avoid any unplanned downtime. To be more cost effective, our team can perform the job you require onsite. This is a great alternative for temporary projects or department gaps that would otherwise require you to employ a full-time staff.

AESHEKI we actively recruit top candidates from online sources, trade shows, professional associations and peer references. Rigid screening is part of our recruitment methodology to ensure that the qualifications, experience and personality traits are part of the right candidate. This will ensure that they will succeed within your business environment.


  • Technology:
  • For temporary staff shortages, unanticipated increases in workload or projects requiring unique highly specialized resources; our contract-based IT professionals provide the perfect solution.

  • Hardware procurement
  • We ensure our customers have everything they need for success on their IT shopping lists, guarantee the equipment they buy fits with their organisation and has all the capabilities they need, and also make sure they’re covered in terms of warranties.

  • Software procurement
  • We always ensure you get the most appropriate technologies for your individual business requirements. Working internationally, we have a huge range of suppliers and brands so we can provide you with the best possible options for your business and budget.

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